Wooden Toboggans
Pull Sleighs
Plastic Sleds
& Snow Boards
Foam Sliders

PT Blaster

PT Blaster ski sled
3-Ski Sled w/steering & brakes 45"x20"x18"
ages: 5yrs and up

Winter Lightning 3 Pack

Winter Lightning plastic sleds
48" Plastic Toboggan

Durable enough for Antarctic Use?
read extreme use feedback


Inteceptor Sled with brakes
36" Plastic Sled
w/ brakes

Utility Sled

Utility Sled
Great for hauling gear, ice fishing, heavy gauge plastic, deep bottom

Deluxe Sleigh

Deluxe Sleigh

Fold up handle pushable or towable sleigh. Rugged double wall construction, belt strap included.

Flying Saucer 3 Pack

Flying Saucer plastic saucer sled
Plastic Disc
26" Diameter

Winter Heat

WinterHeat plastic sled with brakes

38" Plastic Sled w/brakes

Sceptor Snowboard
110cm Snow Board
w/ toe strap bindings

Snow Block Maker

Build a snow fort!

Snow Ball Maker

Perfect snowballs everytime!
Winter Sports Helmet

Childrens Winter Sports Helmet
ASTM Standard
Coolmax fabric = cool head
Insulation covers = warm ears

Goggle Clip & Adjustable Strap
Comfortably fits Ages 6-12

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